L'Audible: Audio version of the first letter communication between two great thinkers

L'Audible: Audio version of the first letter communication between two great thinkers


First Letter Communication between Leo Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi (1909)

Please don't consider this as a communication between Russian and Indian, but between two great thinkers.

By the way, both Tolstoy and Gandhi had a global presence and global experience, and this communication happened when Tolstoy was at his tail end of his life journey, whereas Gandhi was just getting started to be recognized.

As this communication was from Tolstoy, an established writer and spiritualist to an upcoming leader, here are some interesting facts about Tolstoy:

1. Tolstoy born in a wealthy Tolstoy family, but lost his parents early; he grew up with his support of relatives.

2. His family genealogy could be traced to Germany.

3. His global perspective and his attitude to love and life changed over time, especially after his stint in the Army and his worldly experience in Europe.

4. Leo Tolstoy writings gained prominence over time, and touched upon nuances of human spirit.

5. Tolstoy lived for 82 years, and most of his descendants are dispersed around the world in Sweden, and other parts in Europe, and also in US.
"Love is the only way to rescue humanity from all ills." - Leo Tolstoy in his letter to Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi: Oct 2, 1869 - Jan 30, 1948
Leo Tolstoy: Sep 9, 1828 - Nov 20, 1910

A Letter to Hindu by Leo Tolstoy sent to Taraknath Das - Printed in Free Hindustan Newspaper in 1908

This article reached all the way to South Africa, and with the permission of Tolstoy, Gandhi published in his newspaper, Indian Opinion

Though this article was published more than 100 years back, this article brings out many interesting discussions pertaining to intrinsic human nature and spirit which is relevant even now, though it need not be in the same form as it was in 1909..

We have included the images of the original letter here. There are many interesting sections, and we have captured one here:

"that in every individual a spiritual element is manifested that gives life to all that exists, and that this spiritual element strives to unite with everything of a like nature to itself, and attains this aim through love. This thought appeared in most various forms at different times and places, with varying completeness and clarity. It found expression in Brahmanism, Judaism, Mazdaism (teachings of Zoroaster), in Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and in the writings of the Greek and Roman sages, as well as in Christianity and Mohammedanism."

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«Любовь - единственный способ спасти человечество от всех болезней». - Лев Толстой в своем письме к Ганди Махатма Ганди: 2 октября 1869 г. - 30 января 1948 г. Лев Толстой: 9 сентября 1828 года - 20 ноября 1910 года Письмо индуиста Льва Толстого направлено в Таракнатх Дас - напечатано в газете «Свободное Хиндустан» в 1908 году Эта статья дошла до Южной Африки, и с разрешения Толстого Ганди опубликовал в своей газете «Индийское мнение» Хотя эта статья была опубликована более 100 лет назад, в этой статье вырисовывается много интересных дискуссий, относящихся к внутренней природе и духу человека, что актуально и сейчас, хотя оно не должно быть в той же форме, что и в 1909 году .. Здесь мы включили изображения оригинального письма. Есть много интересных разделов, и мы записали их здесь: «что у каждого человека проявляется духовный элемент, который дает жизнь всему, что существует, и что этот духовный элемент стремится объединиться со всем подобным характером для себя и достигает этой цели через любовь. Эта мысль появилась в самых разных формах при разное время и места, с различной полнотой и ясностью. Он нашел выражение в брахманизме, иудаизме, маздазме (учениях Зороастра), в буддизме, даосизме, конфуцианстве и в трудах греческих и римских мудрецов, а также в христианстве и Магометанство."

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