Is this quote authored by Mr.

Is this quote authored by Mr. Einstein? There are some favorite individuals out there, who gets credited for work even they would not like to be part of.

Before jumping into this particular quote, we need to ask the question why authorship is important.

First of, whether it were to be Mr. Einstein or Mr. Abdul Kalam or Mr. Rumi or Mr. Vivekananda or Mr. Buddha or Mr. Jesus, if they were to be physically alive, would care less about whether they were given authorship for even quotes that they came up with because their achievements would speak for itself. At the same time, it is important for readers to make sure that we know who really came up with a quote, if we could trace the author for the quote. It is our responsibility to give due respect to people coming up with original ideas and powerful thoughts that could define our life.

Going by that reasoning, we asked a quick question about this quote. Knowing Dr. Einstein was a violinist, and a positive minded individual, who had a flair for music and arts, it seems very likely that this quote belongs to Dr. Einstein. Moreover, Einstein is also credited with the phrase, "dancers being athletes of god".

While researching further, we found that Mr. Einstein is credited with this quote again and again in books and more.

Does it mean that there were not anyone with the same views prior to Dr. Einstein? Most probably, there were many others.

Great artists and musical geniuses of yesteryears for certain would have lauded exceptional dancers, which is another art form that they could relate to.

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